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International Internship and Training Programs


Our Extraordinary Hospitality Professionals Want to Take Your Club to the Next Level!  Whether you currently have an international recruiting campaign in place or not, CCA can help you improve your results by taking advantage of our seamless private-club program.


We match your country club with pre-screened and qualified students interested in completing an internship or training program as part of their academic studies.  These bright and energetic rising-stars are serious about their success and can help bring new levels of professionalism to your operation.  CCA has continuous access to qualified candidates ready to start at your club this season. 


CCA coordinates and guides your club through the immigration requirements that are necessary to legally fulfill your obligations as an employer. Your club benefits from CCA's pre-qualified and screened candidates from post-secondary hospitality schools throughout the world. 


In some cases, we can refer long-term placements that are perfect for mid-level supervisory positions and other assignments which require a high level of hospitality expertise and professionalism. CCA has brought hundreds and hundreds of candidates to the industry.  With our decades of private club experience, we can help you achieve more than just the ordinary, too.


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For Students

Hospitality Training and Internships on the J-1 Visa

Are You Ready to Go Places?  We lead you every step of the way!  We pre-qualify your application and put your credentials directly into the hands of club decision-makers, ensuring that your CV is given the best chance for consideration.  CCA gives you complete, honest, and accurate information about these preferred assignments so that you have every chance to succeed in your career.


  • You benefit from having CCA act as your personal agent at some of the most sought after country club training sites available in the US!  

  • CCA guides you through the entire maze of obtaining your legal working documents.  Our protocol helps ensure that you do not waste time and money applying for programs and positions that you may never qualify.

  • In many cases, CCA allows your application to be presented ahead of others.  Clubs know that CCA candidates are pre-qualified and screened, putting you at the top of their recruiting lists.  Plus, CCA has access to unadvertised positions that no other company can represent.

  • CCA helps you address all aspects of your application and ensures that you are on-track with your visa application, travel arrangements, and arrival details. 


To be considered, please send your CV (formatted according to the sample below) in a Word-file to  You may also click the link below to see current openings.

why cca?
Our Reputation and Expertise Are the Difference

As a full-service private club consulting firm, our ultimate goal is to put our clients in the best position to succeed in the long run.  That is why clubs consistently count on CCA for their specialty international recruiting needs.   It is also why some of our top performing candidates have eventually found a permanent career opportunity after participating in our programs.  Together, everyone wins.


For decades, CCA staff have met the challenge of filling the most attractive and fulfilling internships within private clubs.  Our placements understand how CCA screening methods put the odds of a successful experience on their side.  For clubs, we always provide the information needed to make an informed hiring decision.  And, we're there to help throughout the entire relationship. 


If you are not satisfied with your current program, you owe it to your members to find out how CCA's approach is different.