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Club leaders routinely depend upon third-party providers to conduct independent evaluations of their operations.  These objective reports are a valuable tool in monitoring performance and helping measure and achieve strategic goals.  The club's annual accounting audit or golf course agronomy-review are examples of other similar outside evaluations. 


Especially in competitive situations, clubs turn to CCA to ensure their clubs are maximizing their potential and meeting membership expectations.  Periodic evaluations are an essential fiduciary obligation and the most effective tool for validating club practices.


In the event your club requires immediate management assistance, CCA has highly qualified talent available to keep your club operating seamlessly.  We'll make you look great by enhancing membership services and preparing your team for a transition - even under the most challenging of circumstances.


Understanding your club's financial performance requires much more than financial acumen.  CCA possesses the skills and expertise to understand how your budget is translated into club services -- on a line-by-line basis!


Without that intimate operating knowledge, boards lack the visibility to accurately assess the performance of their operation and make appropriate adjustments.  Clubs call on CCA to bring clarity to their financial affairs and allow good decisions to be made.


Running a successful club begins with setting clear standards for ethical conduct.  Club leaders are responsible for establishing, communicating, and enforcing these policies.  CCA is the industry's leading provider of GRC Programs (Governance, Risk, Compliance) specifically designed for private clubs.  Visit www.clubcomply.com to learn about our comprehensive turn-key services.

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ClubComply provides a simple, affordable, and comprehensive turn-key ethics and compliance platform.  By strengthening your internal control processes, ClubComply targets improvements to your bottom-line of 5% annually without compromising membership programs and services.


With no agendas, relationships, or preconceptions to cloud our analysis, CCA quickly and accurately measures and identifies all areas of competencies and evaluates the true performance of the club's governance system.  Combined with our operational review, CCA reveals the truth about your club's inner workings through data analysis and other empirical evidence.  Our clients are often stunned to learn how accurately and precisely we complete our evaluation and help move the club clearly forward in new directions.


No other part of the club operation presents such challenges as the F & B program.  From food, ambience, and service (not to mention financial performance) much of our consulting work is somehow related to issues in this area.


In fact, many of our recruiting activities among GM's and Chefs stem from the inability to properly provide these basic services that profoundly affect the member-experience.  Further, we understand a solid performing F & B program enhances your membership-marketing efforts, making this a priority project for most clubs.


As a result, CCA has been called upon to complete multiple top-to-bottom projects in which we reinvent F & B programs from the ground up.  By starting with the members' wishes, combined with modern production practices, practical purchasing methods, and intensive staff-training programs, CCA has made GM's and Boards look great!


For our pre-qualified club clients with suitable housing, CCA provides the club industry's top-tier international hospitality interns for 6-12 months (or more) under a qualified training program.  Our longtime relationships with the most respected post-secondary hospitality schools abroad give CCA the highest priority when selecting candidates.  These energetic and qualified professionals bring a heightened level of service, training, and flair to the areas that matter most:  direct day-to-day interaction with your membership.  Clubs return to CCA year after year due to our ability to find the right individuals that arrive fully prepared to thrive in your organization.  We also guide your club through all the necessary channels to legally support this valuable program.