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With no agendas, relationships, or preconceptions to cloud our analysis, CCA accurately evaluates all areas of competency and measures the true performance of your internal operations.

We engage your management team and key staff in a comprehensive review of their relevant operating areas. Giving an independent voice to your most valued employees often uncovers potential obstacles to improvement. 

By having a third-party confidentially collect data and feedback, CCA helps separate fact from fiction.  Our underlying duty is to trust (but verify) findings and then use sound data to help drive decisions.

Whether you need a check-up, tune-up, or major overhaul, CCA leads you onto the correct path.

We Make It Look Easy.
We Make You Look Great.


How well is your Club's budget translated into membership services?  CCA possesses the skills and expertise to understand how your limited resources are deployed across all departmental areas on a line-by-line basis.


Our intimate operating knowledge gives your team the visibility to accurately assess and evaluate Club performance in ever-changing economic conditions. 


Good decisions require financial clarity.

Your Club's annual independent financial audit verifies the integrity of your accounting system.  In the same way, CCA reviews how well those dollars are allocated and utilized once approved. 


CCA provides a critical layer of due diligence which you may otherwise have been unaware.


CCA employs a unique and very hands-on approach in our initial evaluation: 

  •   Member Focus Groups

  •   Board/Committee Survey

  •   Management Team Viewpoints

Our thoughtful questioning helps identify the most critical areas of needed improvement -- where do all the parties agree the  most effort is required?  This empirical  analysis is often an eye-opener which can only be collected by an independent party.

In a Club, you cannot afford to have anyone on your team "Agree to Disagree".  CCA finds areas where we all "Agree to Agree".  As a fiduciary, your Board is responsible to find common ground and take action. CCA identifies those priorities and moves you forward with accuracy and confidence.

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