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CCA consists of club experts with decades of real-life private club experience in governance, management, operations, and finance.  We understand the challenges and nuances that are uniquely present in the club industry.  

As Senior Consulting Associate for our firm since 2004, I have led our team's completion of multiple club projects that have yielded wholesale economic, leadership, and operational improvements measured in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars each.  We have successfully re-positioned our clients for the modern club-era.

We bring a no-nonsense style of consulting programs to you and back it up with detailed data and poignant insight that places our clients in the best position to make great decisions.  In many cases, our operational reports have served as the template upon which the board and management team are guided at the conclusion of our work.


Most importantly, CCA places the interest of your membership above all.  We are fiercely independent and will not be swayed by special interests or affected by outside forces in the performance of our professional duties -- which we believe to be a common risk factor among consulting firms within the close-knit private club community.


You can count on CCA to fully consider a comprehensive set of factors in your consulting project, apply sound business principles to our recommendations, and consider the unique culture of your operation in making our reports.  In the end, you will have a trustworthy and loyal partner to call upon at any time in the future.


CCA's team consists of private club experts representing nearly every facet of your operation.  Our representatives are equally experienced on the front lines of the club operation as much as at the board-room table. 

CCA Principal's Background:


The firm's founder, David Shaw, has over twenty years' experience in private club management within the luxury market, in addition to another ten years consulting experience in some of the most challenging projects in the industry.


All CCA Associates understand their responsibility in representing the interests of club members, owners, and management while upholding the highest levels of independence, objectivity, ethics, and integrity.

  • Decades of hands-on CEO experience within the luxury private club sector

  • Senior Consulting Associate in dozens of significant private club assignments

  • 20+ Year Certified Designation by CMAA and 25+ Year Member in Good Standing of the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA)

  • Graduate Michigan State University's Eli Broad College of Business - School of Hospitality

CCA Associate Backgrounds:


Roger Eichel brings extensive experience serving in many varied capacities on the board at a highly distinguished club, including House Chairman and at the Executive Board level. 


>  Professional legal and real estate background, providing analytical capabilities combined with expert presentation skills.


>  C-Level corporate management experience at a highly successful national company.


>  Strategic plan implementation skills, including full club planning, re-design, and total renovation experience in a major market.


>  Turnover management skills, including revamping of organization charts and redeployment of departmental functions.

CCA Associate Backgrounds:


Eric Smiler brings a lifetime career in the foodservice industry as owner of an iconic NYC food-service business.   


>  Longtime participation at prominent luxury private clubs, including many varied roles within committees, as well as service on the Board of Governors as House Chair.


>  Club planning and design experience, resulting in one of the most successful clubhouse renovations completed in the New York area. 


>  Multiple F & B consulting projects completed including complete "turnarounds" of membership dining programs. 


>  Diverse multicultural language and back of house work experience provide incomparable coverage.

Administrative Assoc Background:


>  Multifaceted club administrative experience working with both Boards and Management.  Club office planning and organization skills, human resource expert, and extensive recruiting background. 


>  Advanced knowledge of Jonas, CSG, and familiarity with other club-centric accounting systems.  Professional background as club controller.  Superb analytic and computer technology skills.