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Did Your Club Experience an Unexpected Management Change?

CCA Keeps Your Team and Operations

Seamlessly Intact

We Specialize in Helping Your Club Recover and Thrive After the Unexpected

CCA knows exactly how to assist you through adverse conditions with astounding results.

Whether you need hands-on management or just an experienced guide, we help restore confidence and keep your loyal team intact.

Our Recruiting


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Recovering After
Unexpected Change

Despite best efforts, things don't always work out with your hire. Regardless of the reason, going back to the original firm is not usually a desirable option.


And, unfortunately, blame always finds its way back into the Club's lap, leaving you in a vulnerable position. CCA has the experience in picking up the pieces. 


We provide coverage in three critical areas:

  • Ensure your operations continue to run seamlessly.

  • Engage your management team and keep them focused on your mission and their future.

  • Maintain the confidence of the membership by exceeding service expectations.

A comprehensive response combined with our expertise keeps your operation humming and your team intact.  During times of distress, your key players are more important than ever.

We provide the expertise and know-how to guide you to a soft-landing without all the drama.  With extensive club operating expertise and a true understanding of luxury operations, hiring CCA is the best decision your Club could ever make.

You may be surprised how cost-effective our services can be when engaging us, too. 

See Our Article:


Attracting resumes is the easiest part of any search.  Search Committees soon learn that screening and evaluating competencies is a difficult process.  Incumbent Search Firms can be limited to advertising or being beholden to industry relationships. 


  • CCA seeks candidates who may not even be considering a change.  Our approach brings competent and performance-driven professionals to the table -- ones who have already written a success story.   

  • When CCA presents candidates to the Committee, we are confident that any one of them could be offered the position.  After all, our job is to identify "fit" for the position and then rely on the wisdom of the Committee to determine the "finish". 

  • Achieving this result requires serious background work with the management team, board, and committees.  By the time candidates arrive, the Club team is in 'sales mode' to ensure the perfect candidate decides to join you.


In today's competitive employment environment, casting a wide net without the requisite recruiting strategy results in high risk placements.

Anyone can bring a pool of candidates to you --  bringing the right ones demands old-fashioned "recruiting".   CCA seeks those professionals who are rarely accessible and will not typically respond to advertisements, as this poses the risk of being seen on the job-circuit. 

CCA's recruiting process is individualized and may be slightly more time-consuming at the start, but the long term results speak volumes.  Special Clubs deserve special candidates -- not a cookie cutter approach.


By utilizing the detailed initial evaluations of your organization, our job template often provides the exact criteria upon which the new GM is evaluated in their first year.  After all, the expectations of all parties should be agreed before the offer is ever made.

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