Our Recruiting

You'll know in an instant that you made the RIGHT choice.


CCA becomes immersed in your operation, connects with your people, and finds the true essence of your club.  It's the only way to conduct a search.  Don't let your Club just be another number. 




There is no reason you should face the costly outcomes of a poorly conducted executive recruiting project.  If your club is considering a one-stop "placement-only" firm, club officials should pause and call CCA. 


A management-transition provides a rare opportunity to evaluate your operation and determine new strategies and directions.  CCA's involvement allows the Board to understand and steer the expected outcomes of the new executive.  We evaluate your operation and provide a blueprint that allows your new executive to hit the ground running upon arrival.


We often spend a week in your operation getting to know your people, culture, and operational challenges before we begin the recruiting process.


Any firm can earn a placement fee, but CCA seeks to evaluate and address all the fundamentals of your operation -- leaving you in the best possible position for the benefit of both you and the candidate.


CCA gives you the time, attention, and results your club members deserve. 


Why?  Because, in the end, our resume depends on the success of your entire operation and a healthy relationship with your new executive.

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Finding the right professional for your operation is the single most important investment that your club will make.


CCA does not just make an Executive Placement. Rather, we conduct a fully orchestrated “Recruiting campaign” based on the unique needs of your operation. Your club benefits from an unparalleled level of personal service, combined with our industry acumen and extensive connections.


Our ultimate goal is to bring you one of the few candidates who is considered among the top-10% performers in the industry.  But, it is more than that:  our candidate must fit your culture, be qualified for your type of operation, and possess the traits required to bring you positive results over the long haul.

Clubs attempting their own searches soon recognize that attracting resumes is the easiest part of any search. To the contrary, CCA seeks those executives who may not even be considering a move!  Our approach is designed to bring highly competent and performance-driven professionals to the table -- not someone looking for a job.


We know that high-performing executives eventually reach a point in their career where the potential for advancement is severely limited.  Moving to a new position in the narrow field of private clubs is fraught with risk, as keeping a search confidential is nearly impossible. 


Through no fault of their own - other than being successful in their current position – many high performing club executives find themselves with no more room to advance at their present club.  In such case, the only way to maintain career momentum and professional interest is to move to a new and more challenging position. These are exactly the professionals that CCA seeks. 


CCA's mix of candidates is rarely accessible in the market and will not typically respond to advertisements - which other placement firms almost totally rely.  CCA studies your club's regional market and identifies these unique and valuable, but hidden, potential targets.  Working as a team, CCA then partners with your Search Committee and Board to make a "sale", creating a true marriage between the parties.


The fact is, CCA's recruiting process is highly individualized and more time-consuming than most.  However, the results speak loudly -- with our recruiting record being one of the key highlights of our services.


​Even when utilizing a professional search firm, clubs are at high risk for pursuing candidates solely based on their "chemistry" and interviewing skills. 


Nothing could be more risky than selecting candidates based on "gut feel" or, perhaps, the desire to finish the project due to time-constraints. 


In contrast, by the time CCA presents your final field of candidates, you will be in perfect position to understand and evaluate your candidates based upon empirical data and raw-testing results.  We know that some of the best management professionals may not stand-out during the interview process -- and we don't want you to miss them!


Through our comprehensive testing, we level the playing-field for all candidates and provide the club with logical and appropriate selection criteria.  Each of our candidates is thoroughly vetted through our proprietary testing process, which includes:


  1. Club Management – Written/Electronic:  A comprehensive series of questions covering the entire spectrum of everyday operations.  This section is designed to evaluate the candidate's knowledge and understanding of everyday issues including technology, maintenance, human resources, insurance, law, food safety, tax and regulatory matters, and much more.


  1. Financial Review - Written Evaluation:  The candidate is provided with a sample monthly financial statement for general analysis and commentary.  The candidate is asked to analyze and make notations as if preparing for a board meeting.  They are also asked to explain, in detail, certain more complex areas of the report.


  1. Financial Aptitude - Written/Electronic:  The candidate is presented with two separate management-level financial scenarios that require analysis through either Excel or another computational device.  The problems are evaluated for accuracy in solving, clarity of presentation, and understanding of concept.


  1. Management Style – Verbal:  The candidate participates in a mock-interview in which a number of real-life management questions are presented.  These may include sticky membership, employee, supplier, board, and/or committee issues.  Questions regarding management style are also included. 


  1. Aptitude/Performance Traits - Electronic:  An online leadership and aptitude survey using club-management benchmarks.  This tool is used to validate the observations and impressions made throughout the selection process.